Landscaping Company in the Des Moines Area & Central Iowa

Having a personalized landscape will make your property unique and help add value. Let us tackle your ideas and thoughts on how you want your landscaping to look. By having 1st Class Lawn Care perform your landscaping needs, it will make your property stand out in your neighborhood.

Landscaping Maintenance in the Des Moines Area & Central Iowa

Providing amazing street appeal is a must for property owners. Have your flowerbeds, flowers, and other landscaping trimmed and cleaned up to improve and maintain your Des Moines area property’s image.

Spring Cleanups & Fall Clean-ups

Removing leaves and other dead or unwanted plants from your landscaping and lawn can be done in the spring and fall. Don’t let leaves sit on your lawn all winter long that cause dead spots once spring comes.

Mulching in the Des Moines Area

Add mulch to your flowerbeds to help make your property look even sharper than before. Adding mulch will help ensure your flowers and plants are able to keep moisture and heat in their roots throughout the year.

Tree and Limb Removal in the Des Moines Area

Pruning trees can benefit trees’ life expectancies and help spruce up a property. Summer and winter storms can cause tree limbs to fall on your lawn. Have 1st Class Lawn Care come pick, cut and clean up these messes.

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