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Rock Landscaping

Recently 1st Class Lawn Care underwent a rock landscaping project.  We started with a grass area under a deck that was transformed to a very appealing landscaping with little maintenance needed over the years to come.  This is a very popular type of landscaping done in the Des Moines area.  This particular project was done to eliminate the need for mowing under and around the deck.  When doing a project like this, there can be a wide range of styles of plants added to the landscaping.  We added only a few plants to the front of the rock to give it some character but could be spread to the remaining landscaping if a homeowner wants a lot of plants and shrubs added to build even more character.  The nice thing about rock landscaping is that even without flowers, the rock landscaping looks appealing and adds value to a house with not a lot of work to up keep.  Check the pictures out the pictures of this Urbandale Landscaping project.


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