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Rock Boulder Wall

1st Class Lawn Care and Landscaping recently installed a Rock Boulder Wall.  This job was completed by using natural rock boulders found here in Iowa to create a wall to hold back soil and allow for elevation change.  We used roughly 60-65 tons of boulders for this project and it took our crew 6 days complete.  This particular Rock Boulder Wall had a drainage line and drainage rock added behind it by using Bedding rock and fabric to keep dirt from entering the drainage field behind the wall.  At the tallest point this wall was 4.5 feet tall and 125 feet long.  We used both a skid loader with a grapple bucket and a mini excavator with a thumb attachment to lift the boulders into place.  Some weighted over 2 tons a piece!


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Heartland Antique Brown Patio

We just finished up the install of a patio with the use of Interlock Heartland Antique Brown pavers. Patio was roughly around 540 sqf and was installed start to finish in just 3 days!


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2013 Des Moines Home and Garden Show

Come check out 1st Class Lawn Care at our booth located at the 2013 Des Moines Home and Garden Show. Check out our landscaping project we have brought to the show to show potential clients what value landscaping with 1st Class Lawn Care can do to their property.  Schedule to have your landscaping needs fulfilled for anywhere in Central Iowa. We are having a large interest in our fire pit.

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Using Calcium Chloride for Anti Icing and De Icing in the winter

A new service offered by 1st Class Lawn Care is the use of Calcium Chloride (LIQUIDOW) for Anti Icing and De Icing applications in the winter months in the Des Moines area. We have added this service to our list of snow removal services offered to our growing clientele.

While there are a few different products companies use for anti and de icing, liquid calcium chloride (LIQUIDOW) is in our opinion the best on the market. Many companies and snow removal companies use a salt brine. While this product works, it can stop working when it gets around 10 degrees or colder. Calcium chloride works past down past −10 degrees and still continues to melt snow and ice. LIQUIDOW continues to work in cold weather and requires less product to see results compared to liquid salt brine.

Situations where liquid calcium chloride can be used in the winter are :

(Anti Icing) Pre treatment of pavement, roads and sidewalks prior to a winter storm. Snow or freezing rain are both situations where pre treatment is very beneficial. When an application of pre treatment is applied it helps to keep the snow and ice from bonding to the surface of the pavement, roads or sidewalks. It then allows for a cleaner removal of the snow. It can also help start to melt the snow and ice as it falls and turn applied areas into a slushy solution in quick time.

De Icing) Post treatment of pavement, roads and sidewalks after you have either plowed, snow blowed or only had a dusting of snow. This will allow the liquid calcium chloride to melt and break down snow and ice that was left after snow removal services were preformed. Allows for a cleaner pavement and safer conditions for customers, homeowners or pedestrians.

1st Class Lawn Care performs anti and de icing applications to commercial business, homeowner associations, apartment complexes and residential (homeowners).

Added benefits to using liquid anti and de icier is less aggregate being tracked into buildings. In many situations it allows for quick results and helps to decrease risk of slips and falls on properties.

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New Business Cards!

Just had some new business cards designed to use at the 2013 Des Moines Home and Garden Show in Des Moines at Hy Vee Hall.

Compared to our last cards, these are by far more professional and nicer cards for clients to have. They were designed by Burt Murphy, owner of Podium Ink.


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Rock Landscaping

Recently 1st Class Lawn Care underwent a rock landscaping project.  We started with a grass area under a deck that was transformed to a very appealing landscaping with little maintenance needed over the years to come.  This is a very popular type of landscaping done in the Des Moines area.  This particular project was done to eliminate the need for mowing under and around the deck.  When doing a project like this, there can be a wide range of styles of plants added to the landscaping.  We added only a few plants to the front of the rock to give it some character but could be spread to the remaining landscaping if a homeowner wants a lot of plants and shrubs added to build even more character.  The nice thing about rock landscaping is that even without flowers, the rock landscaping looks appealing and adds value to a house with not a lot of work to up keep.  Check the pictures out the pictures of this Urbandale Landscaping project.


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Check out the newest landscaping renovation that was completed by 1st Class Lawn Care

This project included mulching, removing of existing landscaping edging, removing nearly 3/4 of the existing overgrown plants, and installing brick edging to give this landscaping a well defined and clean look. Finally, sod was added compete the job. Check out the pictures!

West Des Moines Landscaping

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New Landscaping Installs

A service that 1st Class Lawn Care offers is new landscaping installs or addition installs to already existing landscaping that a property has.  It can be something as simple as adding a small flower bed to adding new landscaping around a side of your house that doesn’t have any existing.  Lots of times home owners don’t have a large amount of money to spend at one time on a landscaping install.  Something different that we offer is we will break the estimate up and allow the homeowner to only do portions of the new landscaping when they have money but still know the price the entire job will cost once every step has been completed.  This helps homeowners improve their properties value, image and curb appeal when living on a budget.  If you feel that you want the whole project done we can also do that in a timely manner.  Many larger companies have wait times of weeks, if not months before they can come and perform services.  Our’s are typicall done that week!  We like to provide timely services to allow you the customer.

Check out these pictures of a recent job that was completed in Urbandale.  We have also done many landscaping in the pasts couple weeks in the cities of Urbandale,  Clive , Des Moines, West Des Moines, Indianola and Norwalk.

Kurtis Wiedmann, Owner

1st Class Lawn Care

“Cost no more to go 1st Class!


West Des Moines Landscaping,  Urbandale Landscaping, Des Moines Landscaping, Waukee Landscaping, Clive Landscaping, Norwalk Landscaping, Indianola Landscaping

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Spring Cleanups and Mulching

Something many homeowners put off is applying new mulch to their flower beds and landscaping. With this early spring in the Des Moines area, it is giving 1st Class Lawn Care a lot of work regarding our mulch service. Most homes have some sort of landscaping to help add to their property. Some may use rock and mulch to help add value to their landscaping. Mulching can be done year round but is most common in the spring. Mulch can help moisture from laving the ground, keep unwanted weeds from ruining your landscaping and best of all add character to your property. Call today for 20% off mulch and have your landscaping look 1st Class!

new mulch added to landscaping

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Photo from today’s work

Making another lawn stand out! Trying to help the homeowners sell their house by making the lawn look the best it can to potential buyers.

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